ALEX DE LA IGLESIA (Spanish movie director)Un increible descrubimiento (An amazing discovery)

DIETER MEIER (Swiss film director/ Co-founder of Yello) A man of so many talents: he’s absolutely brilliant

NIGEL TERRY (the late British movie actor) Watching him is like seeing Jimmy Boyle, Robert Duval and Fred Astaire in a movie by Vittorio de Sica / nobody should be that talented!

JAVIER LLAMAZARES (Spanish movie director) Su trabajo fue formidable, titánico, tanto físico como actoral. Es uno de los grandes, sin duda alguna, un actor de oficio que te lo da todo en el set. (His work is powerful, dynamic and physical. He is one of the greats, an actor whose dedication assures he gives ‘all’ on set.)

XAVIER HOLLANDER (Dutch author) A high-powered all-action comedy machine, with a VERY interesting face and a VERY cute ass…

BERNICE STEGERS (British movie actress) He’s wacky, wild and gorgeous!

SHELLEY DUVAL (American movie actress). Really great….!!!

RIFT FOURNIER (Hollywood Producer & Writer) What a great job he did for us too !

MATT MITLER (American movie actor/director) Johnny has extraordinary movement, improvisational and singing skills. He’s in a league by himself in these areas, plus the physical endurance of an athlete, the spiritual presence of one who follows a serious path, and the unbridled sense of humor of a crazed court jester, all of which Johnny fulfills in spades

DANA GILLESPIE (British singer/songwriter) He’s the meat and the motion!

SIR JAMES GALWAY (Irish concert flautist). What a fantastic show – his speed of changes are incredible

MICHAEL COVENEY (British drama critic) Johnny Melville flew the (British)flag with his very funny punk-mime show – honestly it was GOOD!

JANGO EDWARDS (American clown/actor/director)) For me, a clown is the greatest actor in the world : from the dramatic to the absurd, from hilarity to pathos. When one reaches clown in its pure sense he can entertain anyone, anywhere. Clowns are the gods of comedy: Johnny Melville is such a clown

PETER SHUB (American clown/mime) He is just THE best !!!