Johnny has written songs and poems, plays, sketches for kids TV and comedy shows, scripts and dialogue for his 5 own solo-performances, copywriting for commercials, guest-articles for newspapers (eg: Tages Anzeiger, Zurich) and been credited with dialogues on a feature film (CASTINGX) and short films BACKTRACKER and IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD.

There are a wealth of song texts here in my files - with and without music - to be used and sung to the world. Different styles, different moods. All are good, some are great. One could be that hit.....

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When it comes to survival lets not be rivals.
We have to share or we're dead.
Create tradition, forget competition,
Look to the changes ahead.

We've heard for so long that to fight means your strong,
But a real man's sword is unsheathed
But he who holds honour is surely a goner
Till his ego's released.

If its disturbing what you are curbing,
Relax and go with the flow.
We win when we're caring and openly sharing:
Humanity starts to grow.

Try to aspire to put love in your fire
Try to aspire to more.

So if we want rid of our enslaving grid
Give up worry and hate.
Our souls then rejoice in one glorious voice;
The matrix break down its gates.

So now from today, we must change all our ways.
Power once more to claim
Then we'll embrace the anger we face
And loving will be what's aflame

Try to aspire to put love in your fire
Try to aspire to more.


Nibiru is the planet that's returning soon.
From an orbitary-path way beyond Neptune.
Bearing down on us the Messiahs of fear
To stop our love-communion with the cosmic year.
Darker than War-Lords of the Milky Way
The Annanuki still want to have their say,
Stealing our women and taking our gold.
It's always been that way since the days of old.

Here we are, locked in space and time.
Fourth dimensional crime.
Here we are, trying to make this ordeal rhyme.
Fourth dimensional crime.
We're striving for harmony
Living for love, looking for love, living for love;
Dealing with our agony, we need help from above.
Fourth dimensional crime.
And it's pouring down

The media feeds us lies and lies :
Hate and butchery before our eyes
Devouring our fear and our negative vibes.
But it's not the same for the primitive tribes:
The shamans healers and psychics too
Understand what they've got to do: -
When the time is right all around the globe
The warriors of light will rise to cope
With Gaia's revenge on the human race
As the planet begins to rearrange its face.
From indiscriminatory spilling of blood
To a love-celebration in the photon flood.

We don't have to waste, no time to war.
No more spilling of pristine blood.
We're going to face it all.
We will change during the photon flood.
Fourth dimensional crime.
In the photon flood.

Our DNAs getting really stressed.
Our nervous systems are being put to test:
That 2-strand helix is being transformed,
Pretty soon 12-strand will be the norm.
Its not for the faint hearted or the unprepared
Emotional bodies go to be repaired.
Kundalini must ascend up the spine
Before we get back to the original time-line.

Fourth dimensional crime
Fourth dimensional crime
Fourth dimensional crime
Fourth dimensional crime
Circles in the corn keep appearing in fields.
The Pentagon and aliens in secret deals.
Hidden installations controlling our dreams,
Particle generators bouncing beams.
Spinner-base reality of 435.
Delta-T antennas with an interface drive.
Metatronic study - disappearing quarks.
Pleiadians with the rescue-ship interstellar-ark.
Governmental implants, the warping of space.
Not to mention seeding of the human race,
In the photon flood.


I remember the way you'd push me round like a kid:
Sure was rough on my ego!
Like the Politiburo at elections they rigged,
I was vetted and utterly vetoed.......

I would quake in my shoes when you'd ever come near:
My heart beat like an old piston.
I thought I would lose my mind with the fear,
As though I would fight Sonny Liston...

Like a truck full of hay going into a skid.
Seemed on road to disaster.
Then one special day I made a new bid
Now things are moving faster

But now the situation has altered.
Things are not the way that they were:
Your power games have suddenly faltered
It's you who's saying the prayers.....

So, let's rescue, recover and mend.
We'll never hurt each other again.
Let's rescue recover and mend.
And always live together as friends.


I cant seem to breathe,
I'm like an adolescent!
I feel so naive -
Not really here in the present .
Everything becoming stranger
Struggling hard to handle the changes.......

Want to travel to Dakar,
Though I guess that's a cop-out.
I even begged all the stars
To let me be a drop-out.
I cant even make a plan -
Must be hard to understand,
I'm in no-man's-land.

I cant seem to laugh,
I can't find my stride;
Forgotten my all craft
Across the great divide.
So hard to reach a verdict -
Why do we have to be so perfect?

If I could cut the 'how far?'
From mistake to debt,
I could erase all my scars
Stop playing Russian-roulette.
I cant even make a plan -
Must be hard to understand
I'm in no-man's-land.

Let me walk the bridge into your heart,
Feel my feet again on friendly earth.
I've had all I need of worlds apart.
Love alone will breed again my sense of worth.
Broken hearts, broken dreams;
Now I've got to build my self-esteem!
I sure hope you understand.
It's no land for a man:


They say the truth will set us all free
Where can we find it and how?
Business maims and bullies and shames
Reporters true to their vows.
Its too bad
The militia's so strong
We've been had
For so very long
And I cry to my soul
Why weren't we told?
Its beyond our control !

A small elite is running the show:
The bloodlines and the new rich.
Genetic hold on the knowledge of old
The masses stuck in the ditch.
But no chance
To run nature's plan -
The expanse
Is greater than man;
And I cry to my soul
Why weren't we told?
Its beyond our control

First come the dark,
As earth sops on its ark:
There's a chill pervading the cold
Cyclones they blow,
Volcanoes explode,
Tidal waves start to unfold:
It is the fate of our dear loving earth.
It is death and its birth.
It is the Creator's full worth.
It's when everything's beyond control.......

Beyond our control!
And I just can't drop it.
Beyond our control!
I just can't stop it.
Beyond our control!
I just can't top it. Beyond our control!


Supposing that everything we learned at school,
in church, the factory , the typing pool,
that single-cell creatures were swimming around
spawning our future for life to abound.
Then slowly, over a million year-span
(a drop in the ocean since time began):
Darwin said 'It's the way it happened '-
natural selection with a scientist's cap on!
He said they swam, they crawled, and rushed their way
to end up the humans that we are today.
Yet, the theory alone just don't seem to fit
We were all duped into believing in it.....

Evolution - world pollution - dissolution
Were the warriors of light!

Another history another tale :
(maybe one that wouldn't work so well!)
It becomes more clear as we head towards
The age of Aquarius - the Cosmic Lords.
First on Venus, then on Mars:
Colonization of the different stars.
Finally on Earth to stay we came:
The last experiment in the cosmic game.
Every time we humans were given a chance,
Wed constantly meet recalcitrance:
Ego deformaties and arrogant vice -
We were meant to live in paradise!

Evolution - involution - persecution
Were the warriors of light!

Were on the edge once more it seems to me.
Can our species realize its dreams-to-be?
Plutonium bandits - nerve gas scares
Ethnic cleansing, warlike prayers.
Shame and ignominy on teachers all
Who corrupted truth to religious brawls.
That Christ was sexless and virgin too!
Just like his his mother, Mary Madonna, who
like some-kinda-magic just had a babe !
Are you telling me she didn't get laid?
And ever since then the Roman church
Left woman-kind out in the lurch.

Evolution - convolution - absolution
Were the warriors of light!

But I say 'No!' to mystical manipulation:
Woman is the source of all illumination -
The one who's carried the torch of light
Through the centuries of patriarchal fright.
She's got the answer and the intuition
To know what to do for our own fruition,
Preventing this Gaia from suicide;
Ensuring our ticket on the cosmic ride....
So, listen to the Goddess and listen real good.
She's the one with the real soul-food....

Evolution - no solution - revolution
We're the warriors of light!


Now he's a Judas
Just as good as his word.
He would double cross his friends
(They're just a means to his ends)
And that's what they have heard.
He's a turncoat :
he defects from his own laws.
He's a turncoat!
A traitor to every cause.
He's a turncoat!
Fugitive, maverick, pig outlaw.

Now he's a Brutus
Just as good as his word.
He'll swear upon an oath,
But to keep it, he is loathe
As though it never had occurred.
He's a turncoat!
Makes his shadow feel betrayed:
He's a turncoat!
Every trick makes up his trade.
He's a turncoat,
Deserter, defector, renegade.

You can count on him to let you down.
You can trust him to screw you up.
He'll keep turning you round and round
Till he has filled his cup.
Because he's a turncoat!


That night in a dream I saw the whole scheme
Of the cosmos and how it did function.
Chaos of order universe without borders,
Quasars that met at a junction.
Our planet was small but the Gods there walked tall:
The animals bowed to their wish.
We humans believed we had the tricks up our sleeve
Knew the answers and really were swish.

The sun rose and it set -it was such a safe bet
Every day of our lives for so long.
Conceited and smart : we'd drawn all the charts
It was science - how could it be wrong?
But history had got confused with the fad
That earthlings were rulers of space.
We presumed we evolved so of course we could solve
The mysteries of thought time and place.

Too bad for us all that humanity's call
Dealt apparently only with greed.
And arrogance too and ignorant views
Which most of the people did breed.
So rather than think that there might a link
To worlds more advanced than our own.
We were told to ignore UFOs and more/Like lemmings we raced to the cliffs at a pace
And restricted from specified zones./Still we depeleted the ozone.

There were those who knew that an event was due
Every 3500 years.
A ball big and red that could cause us to shed
The most terrible shakes quakes and fear.
Soon it would come like a bolt from the sun
And turn our world upside to down:
Our orbit would stop, darkness would drop
Red dust would be all around.

Now later that day at archaeology
I read Sumerian tablets of stone:
There carved very clear after eons and years
Was a planet that travelled alone.
Now the Mayans in calendars, predicted the challenges
That mankind would face in this spell.
They claimed that a shift could cause such a rift -
We'd all hear the toll of the bell.

In the months that remain, we can purify - gain
All the loving that earth should have had:
By compassionate love we can change the above
Find the medicine in all that is bad.
Ascension is near, the way oh! so clear:
Shift all our karma to pure
We then can be solar instead of going polar
Prepare us for cosmic renewal.

I tossed and I turned from all that I learned
It seemed I'd been reborn
So I quickly agreed to be a new breed
Of human, from that day on.
With that, in a flash, the illusion was smashed
And the nightmare I lived in was gone.....


Just met you same time Planet X first appeared in the sky
Now we're in love, but the temperature is up and the feelings are high.
Said to myself
This force from the past may disrupt us at last.
Earth may just flip right around
Well be caught in the blast.

Can feel the waters in me : they're moving like a tsunami wave.
Is it your deep effect on me or the planet that doesn't behave ?
Said to myself
Now I am shifting my view to feel strength inside you.
Celebrate our new found love
Despite Nibiru.

Annulling my fear.
Raising my sights.
Be close as one:
The darkness the light.
I felt you real strong,
I felt you real strong,
I felt you real strong,

I can feel every day that its coming this way
Will be a storm, oh!
It'll shake up the ground, the weather confound
Guess the orbit is abnormal.
Said to myself
Could be our race will disappear without trace -
And if we're the last around?
Would we start to live in grace?

I felt you real strong.
I felt you real strong.
I felt you real strong.
I felt you real strong.


We're all here for a reason
Like the day and night and seasons.
Each has got his part to play
To make our life a better way:
Be aware of your direction,
Got to make the right connections to yourself:
You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
Be what you are!
Be what you are!

We're all here for learning
Loving, hoping, caring,
Turning our lives to something real.
This is what we've got to feel;
So, check out all the action.
Finish this transaction with yourself:
You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
Be what you are!
Be what you are!

Now, the point of this discussion
Is escape from repercussions
And realise why we do what we do.
Live out what you've chosen,
Melt down what you have frozen,
Do what you got to do!
Do what you got to do!

You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
You got to be what you are!
Be what you are!
Be what you are!

Boris the Dragon

A Narrative Poem by Johnny Melville

click to hear the OVERTURE by Arjen Hogendorp

Cast in order of appearance

Boris the Dragon 
Kolibri a lady humming-bird
Hannibal a pheasant - the Phesident of the animals
Toodles half Great-Dane, half poodle - secret agent,'T
Prim a lady bloodhound - an agent for the APMS(I)
A Dragon Servicer a molten fire-man from heaven
A bee as himself
Gisbo Boris's father
Riselda Boris's mother
Kolibri's mother a humming bird.
The Humming-bird council humming-bird politicians
Jack a sheepdog


alihummay(noun)       for ever and ever

APMS(I) (noun)           Animal's Protectorate Monitor Service

BIXSP(noun)                Beasts Internal X-secret Police

braunt(noun)                neighbour (in pheasant talk)

dragnet(noun)              covering of a large area

Dragonella(noun)         dragon rain-dance

flammirral(noun)         flamingo

forrey-eyed(noun)       humming-mad (humming-talk)

greth(noun)                 shock

grifference(noun)        dragon (in Doberman-Yak talk)

Horace(noun)              God-idol of humming birds

morrwud(noun)            humming bird

sdr (noun)                    the place

skooth(noun)               sky

shellin(noun)                picnicking

sprogg(noun)               defection

widdlidiz(adverb)         right away (humming talk)

woofaunchy(adjective)dumb and nervous (doggie talk)

wudd(noun)                  bird

Drag-encounter of the First Kind .......... seeing a dragon .

Drag-encounter of the Second Kind...... fighting a dragon .

Drag-encounter of the Third Kind......... being eaten by a dragon .


If you do have a drag-encounter..........

1. Never mention anything about St. George.

2. Never leave bottles of Dragon's Blood red wine about.

3. Never leave the gas on...

4. Never ever sing 'Puff the magic dragon.'

5. Never accept an invitation to dinner - you couldbe the menu!

(if readers have any other suggestions from personal drag-encounters please send them to the editor without delay)

and now: on to the poem ............


Part I

Stolen kisses

Down in the forest, a dragon called Boris
wiped a bulbous tear from his eye -
he was incredibly sad (and for a dragon, that's bad);
he wished he could lay down and die.....
The reason for this was that he had been kissed,
an hour before, in his sleep.
Now, wide awake, he felt not like a snake
but more like a Barbary sheep.
The problem was now, as lines crossed his brow,
that he couldn't get angry at all.
Try though he might, he couldn't cause fright
to nuffink, no matter how small..........
The worst thing he'd lost at such a terrible cost,
was the fire that blew from his lips.
The flames were so good, he could cook his own food,
but now, he had had all his chips.
He sat there and cried, trying hard not to hide
the shock from losing his powers-
"Why should it be, that this happen to me?"
he said, snuggling back in the flowers.
Just then a bee (an orange striped flea)
was buzzing around in the wood-
On finding a petal, on it did he settle.
Wow! - did that pollen smell good!
Alas, 'twas the same that took Boris's frame
and his bee life was suddenly flat.
There squashed on a leaf, he overcame grief,
deciding revenge should be had....
Boris was weak - he felt like a freak
but smiling, as he sniffed at a rose.
"Life's not so grim," he thought, stretching a limb,
and relaxed in a dragon's repose.
Just then underneath, a sting left its sheath
and aimed itself upwards above.
A bee stings just once, but the hurt can last months.
The message that's sent sure ain't love!
Stabbed in the rump, you should've seen Boris jump!
His bottom was swollen and red.
Embarrassed once more, and his bum getting sore
He jumped out of his skin, and he fled....
There do exist those who've seen beasts without clothes
but, unusual it is, at the least.
Such a horrible sight can turn your face white-
you may even need help from a priest.
He ran to the lake starting to shake
(it can be cold if you take off your coat).
There all alone, he started to moan -
no, more like a sob from the throat.....

End of chapter 1.

Boris the Dragon lasts for 63 deliciously entertaining narrative pages. Want to read the rest ?.........if you would like to read the rest of Boris the Dragon contact me on cyber-wire....