Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2003

Festiclown, Santiago 2007

Madrid 2004

Vitoria, Spain 1997

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2002

Ibiza 2005

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2003

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2003

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2004

Gran canaria 2009

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2003

Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2004

Madrid 2008



Johnny Melville workshops are an experience, fun, rewarding and designed to unleash the energy potential of every student. Taking in various disciplines, Johnny improvises and guides his alumni with spontaneous, direct and committed involvement.


Oerol festival, Netherlands project 2004


A specialist in group work, Johnny builds a group-energy with fast high-energy exercises and games which specialize in learning trust and help, mental and physical power, always including the element most important for him in anyeducation - fun.

Drawing on techniques from aikido, tai chi, acrobatics. slapstick, clowning, kids' games and improvisation Johnny moulds his group into a support situation for individual approach to theatre which is based on self-learning manner giving the chance for individuals to develop their own style of character/comedy.

Each student should arrive totally fragrance free. This includes fragrance free shampoo, soap, lotions, make-up, detergent in clothes, literally everything. Please note that just because a label says "all natural" or comes from a health food store does not necessarily mean healthy. The label must read fragrance-free. Such products cxause allergies and destroy neurons.

A leading factor in Johnny's work with actors is the chimpanzee: a perfect example for the physical-theatre actor's research and study: chimps have power in relaxation, awareness of space, softness of touch, incredible agility and a sense of play. At the end of every workshop course Johnny always takes his goup out into a performance situation. whether it be the street or museum/ shopping mall/ public event etc

See below for some critiques from Spain

Some workshop performances over the years:

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Vercelli, Italy Vitoria, Spain Florence, Italy
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Namforrs, Sweden Zurich, Switzerland

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(7/04/1997 Vitoria, Basque country, Spain)


(translation from the Spanish)

The students of the School of Stage Arts of Vitoria, under the leadership of the multi-talented performer Johnny Melville present a very funny street theatre performance”

The tourists appeared on the steps of San Miguel at about one o’ clock in the afternoon. Absurd, surrealistic, dressed in extremely unfitting suits and elegant hats from a Fellini film. They descended into the La Plaza de la Virgen Blanca in squeals of delight, “ Oh isn’t it beautiful! So many monuments!”

The townsfolk who were passing by began to speculate on the visitors. “Seems like a group of Italians”, said a youth to his girlfriend who was clearly distracted by them.” “Are they crazy?” asked someone a trifle concerned. In reality the group were made up from the Stage art school of Vitoria, captained by their. teacher Johnny Melville, a multi-faceted artist from Scotland, actor, mime, singer, social commentator and clown.

The actors made their way to the monument, the Battle of Vitoria. “This is Wellington, how wonderful!” shouted Melville taking the position of a heroic sculpture with his black umbrella. People began to notice more and more. “That’s funny!” screamed a kid. “ Come on - this is a lot of nonsense”, grunted his father. They’re performers” said a lady in a low voice.

Meanwhile the group had planted themselves around the monument as parts of the sculpture, completely still without a tremor for some minutes. a statue of flesh and bone. On the command of their maestro, Melville, they broke their composition and then the 31 students began a delicious fight in slow motion, a street-battle of funny bites, punches, slaps and kicks heavily applauded by the amused spectators.

The crazy foreigners then entered Plaza Espana which was full of people. There they fell on the ground and transformed into authentic-looking chimpanzees, walking on all fours, imitating perfectly the screams of primates, and connecting with each other like chimps do.

After some funny exchanges in the market, the actors arrived at Dato: here they performed an excellent exercise in mime and immobility. In a moment they blocked the street with a chain of bodies. Passers-by just didn’t know what to do. Melville and his disciples remained immovable for five interminable minutes. Some of those in a hurry opted to climb past between arms and legs.

Descending el Dato, they continued to perform a series of mime animations, including an athletic jump from a garbage container.

At one moment they invaded McDonald's en masse.

The show finished at 2.30. Melville and his actors climbed behind the steps of the church of San Miguel and disappeared in silence.


(16/08/ 1997 - Vitoria, Basque country, Spain)


(translation from the Spanish)

'Twenty artists transform Araia into a ‘foreigner’s’ paradise. '

....professionalism, creativity, energy and improvisation are the four main ingredients that Melville tries to instill into his students. The results were well received yesterday by hundreds of local inhabitants and visitors who could do no more than stare at the chaos the foreigners caused in the Llanada Alavesa....

......the transformation into an animal kingdom took place in the middle of the square of Araia, Spectators were awaiting dances, mime and gags. Instead, appeared a group of chimpanzees which attacked everyone that looked at them or tried to touch them.

......then followed different animations : at one point they entered the time zone of a stone arch, where they claimed there had stood a mythical house, later they discovered a telephone cabin and then the village secret El Guernica de Picasso, which Melville claimed was the original.......

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