The Music Page

Johnny's performances always feature music and almost always original. He has written lyrics/ co-composed over 150 songs over the years with various musician-partners - Jimmy Friedman, Doug Balfour, David Giles, Lefe Hultquist, Ricky Araiza, Sigurd Barrett, Arjen Hogendorp, Luigi Ranghino, Helge Sorensen and Roberto Sbaratto to mention a few......

Musicians in need of material are welcome to browse through Johnny's portfolio. Send an e-mail with all your details, including your music style, singer details etc and we will send some samples. Johnny and partner can also write new songs on themes/ideas of any client whether it be a group or a commercial venture....

Songs sung by Johnny unless otherwised stated...


The Warriors of light


No man's land


Don't got you


Second-best romance


Fourth Dimensional crime

(Melville/Hogendorp - sung by Arjen, rap by Johnny)


(Melville/Hogendorp - sung by Arjen)

Rescue, recover and mend


The Nightmare rap

Melville/Hogendorp -sung by Arjen) from the MUSIC PROJECT in process:Boris the Dragon

Be what you are



(featuring the LIGHTWARRIOR 2012 and ARJEN)


Suppose that our reality is not what we were told it was ...suppose that 4th-dimensional beings have for years held us ransom to our emotions.

Beings who feed ravenously on fear, anger, jealousy and hate........and suppose that there are agents of theirs on GAIA - planet-earth.....?

Agents who control the governments, the media, the armies of the world whose mission is to keep the low vibration of fear as the dominant amongst humanity.............and suppose that there were light-warriors around the planet whose focus on light. love and laughter could transform that vice-like grip on human souls to a liberation of truth and universal peace.....

The Warriors of Light : a saga of human possibilities for the cosmic age. Our reality is at transition point. The countdown to 2012 has begun. No-one knows what will happen after 2012.....we just have to wait as the cosmic party unfolds.

One thing is for sure: the Warriors of Light have their mission to spread the word of love and forgiveness without condition: to render absolute truth as a pre-requisite for contact and and to adopt the principle of love as the motor that drives us.