Random Testimonials

'...the marvelous Mr. Melville...'

  • GREG MACQUEEN, english film director

'......you hypermagnetic man of the universe!'

  • INGE STIG MADSEN, healer and organic foods and creams maker

' As I said it is very special to work with you. You inspire people, and offer everyone the possibility to grow. I'm a big fan of Picasso, I see you as the Picasso of performing art'.

  • JOCHEM BOSSELAAR, Dutch writer based in Tuschinski Cinema Amsterdam

'You are wonderful leader - you give everyone the space and chance to do something - and you are still the inspiration of it............

  • WOEDY WOET, magician, restaurant-owner of the TRICKY THEATRE, Amsterdam

'Crazy but a genius'

  • BRENDA BOYKIN, blues-jazz singer from San Francisco

'I am eternally grateful.....'

  • HARALD KLANN, assistant director on CASTINGS, NL film 2003

'Mister Method'

  • MIRIAM LUCIA, Australian actress based Amsterdam

'You are a living legend.....'

  • DAVID SKUNK, Mexican entertainer

'You are the best !!! '

  • PETER SHUB, the famous USA clown /performer

'Johnny you're a sweetheart. Thanks ever so much for everything that you're done over the last few weeks. I think your positivity and "Church of Yes" will help us through this summer tour. Rehearsing has never been such fun!!! '

  • LOUISE of 'MEVROUWBAAKER' women's theatre group, Amsterdam

I was really amused....yes: Johnny Melville is still the 'king' of street theatre!....

  • JOYCE ROODNAT, Drama Critic, NLC Handelsblad, Amsterdam

Thank you for the nice workshop, ik heb heel erg genoten. You are een inspiratie born.

  • MIEKE VAN DONGEN, workshop student Amsterdam


  • CHRISTPH in an e-mail to director Matt Mitler after watching THE DEVILS OF LOUDON at La Mama theatre, New York in January .

'....special mention, however, should be made for Johnny Melville, whose dual role as Satan and Cardinal Richelieu (which, considering the Cardinal's infamous historical reputation, makes for an interesting dynamic) is played with astounding power. He successfully shifts from house-shattering fire-and-brimstone speeches to unworldly vocals that chill like nails down a chalkboard'

  • extract from the review by Tom Penketh of DEVILS OF LOUDON in BACKSTAGE, New York City.

"......Johnny has extraordinary movement, improvisational and singing skills. He's in a league by himself in these areas. He is, in fact able to teach many skills, such as Akido and acrobatics, to the group while he's here, furthering our own repetoire. Lastly, the piece we are working on requires the physical endurance of an athlete, the spiritual presence of one who follows a serious path, and the unbridled sense of humor of a crazed court jester, all of which Johnny fullfills in spades........."

  • MATT MITLER film director, actor and artistic director of DZIECI, New York City in a letter to Laura Day.

'About 20 years ago I saw a performance called MEMBERS ONLY in a theatre in the Principality of Liechtenstein (TAK), which I will never forget. I still remember the faces of the many characters in the story Athough there was only one actor, You I suppose (or is there another J. Melville out there being funny)? My most memorable visit to a theatre ever, unbeaten until now (whatever that may say about myself). Id like to know more. Like are there tapes on the free market of the above or other performances. If so where and for how much. And would you please coordinate your schedule with mine so that I can again have the pleasure of seeing you perform. Best regards

  • FRANZ TRAUTMANNSDORF, Geneva, received from the website, 15 july.

Dear Johnny, thank you for your teaching these last few weeks. It has been a wonderful experience, I have learnt a lot about myself and clowning.... but it was also a spiritual experience. I look forward to working with you again. Many sincere thankyous

  • ROSE, 1st year student at the Global Clown's School, Amsterdam

Dear Johnny, we would like to thank you very much for your performances at the F.Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. meeting held in the Kleine Scheidegg on Thursday March 21, 2002. It was a very entertaining and joyful performance, which every participant appreciated.

  • NICOLE RUFER, Project Management in Business and Marketing - Pharmaceutical Industry , Meggen (Switzerland)

"The best value for money I have ever known....."

  • Ms. MARTY WILLIAMS after the 'Real Impro' course, October, Aarhus, Denmark

'Dear Johnny! Thank you very much for performing at the Ummi Gummi Festival in Lienz.You did a great job, as a lot of people told me. We hope you spent a fun-filled weekend in our town and wish you all the best for the future. Hoping to see you again.'

  • HANS MUTSCHLECHNER, Street Theatre Festival , Lienz, Austria

'Dear Johnny First of all I want to thank you a lot for your very professional, timely and succesfull show at our skolerigsdag 2001. According to the evaluation schemes, the audience enjoyed it too, and we will not hesitate to use you again nor to recommend you to colleagues (I figure you don't mind if we forward your e-mail adress to those who will ask for it??) If you need more text from us on your homepage, please let me know! Hope to see you again.

  • JAN DEHM, leader of the project conference for county councils of Denmark

........Johnny Melville was worth his weight in gold when dealing with the late arrival of Princess Margriet (of the Netherlands).....

  • Leader of the World Veterinarian Congress, Amsterdam, Holland

'On behalf of "Biblioteksstyrelsen" I should like to thank you very much indeed for your contribution to a successful conference on 29. November 2000 at The Royal Library. Your three performances perfectly illustrated the conference theme. Precision in content and form, combined with humour, blended into a marvellous cocktail enjoyed by all. Several people have approached me since then, full of praise for you and I can only say that I totally agree with them. They would like to have your address - so could you please tell me which one you want me to give them?'

  • BENTE BUCHHAVE, Chairman of Danish National Libraries Copenhagen, Denmark