Stichting rule of three

Keizersgracht 258,
1016 EV Amsterdam

is a foundation registered with the KAMER von KOOPHANDEL with the number: S 208209 and is based in Amsterdam, Holland with a distinguished board of three directors. Jan Meier, JG Baggerman and Dick Vos.

It's purpose is to further the arts in theatre, especially mime and physical theatre, and projects designed for film and video, by mounting performances for theatre, to direct groups or special projects, and to lead workshops to further communication between groups and between young people. Often performances and workshops have been led with all kinds of groups - the deaf, the blind, the disabled, professional theatre groups and performers, socially deprived groups and even pensioners.

Johnny Melville is the artistic director of the Stichting and the creative energy behind its projects.

It has been instrumental in organising workshop projects in Europe in the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden; and also in Colombia, Brazil and Chile.

It has co - produced short films with Oerol festival Holland, Dinitri school in Lugano Switzerland and with Aarhus Film workshop in Denmark.




The number 3 of course has been regarded through history as an important magical number especially when doubled together (33). The number 3 is also an important part of the creative process. In comedy it is the third time around which punches the joke. I have to thank Sine in Denmark and Johnathon in New Zealand, Antoinette from Holland, & Ruby Patel from New York for their contributions to my list.

3 ascetics,
3 assemblies,
3 bears,
3 blind mice,
3 billy-goats-Gruff,
3 bodies,
3 by 3,
3 calamities,
3 cardinal sins,
3-card trick,
3 categories of illusion,
3 cheers,
3 cities,
3 coins-in-a-fountain,
3 crows-of-the-cock,
3 denials,
3-dimensional reality,
3 equalities,
3 evil paths,
3 existences,
3-fold contemplation,
3-fold world,
3 goals-and-in,
3 graces,
3 groups of voice-hearers,
3 histories,
3 insights,
3 kings,
3-line whip,
3 little fishes,
3 little pigs,
3 little words,
3 men-in-a-boat,
3 metaphors of the lotus blossom,
3 Mile Island,
3 Musketeers,
3 mysteries,
3 obediences,
3 obstacles and 4 devils,
3 old ladies-locked-in-a-lavatory,
3 paths,
3-point landing,
3-pointed star,
3 poisons,
3 powerful enemies,
3-pronged diamond pounder,
3 Pure Land Sutras,
3 realms of existence,
3 Records,
3 robes,
3 robes and one begging bowl,
3 Sages,
3 sisters,
3 Sovereigns,
3 standards of comparison,
3 states-of-being,
3 stooges,
3-times table,
3 toed sloth,
3 treasures,
3 Treatises school,
3 True Word Sutras,
3 truths,
3 types of learning,
3 vehicles,
3 virtues,
3 wheeler
3 wise men,
3 wishes,
3 witches
3 worlds
3-Ring Circus
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