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I am one of the luckiest men in the world to have met, befriended, loved -even crossed swords - with so many of the people I have had the privilege to know........some of the most amazing people in the world. Some are famous, some are not and don't care.......they may not make the evening news but they are performing miracles every day. They are golden. They are energy-sculptors. ....Some are online now, the rest you will have to wait to meet .......this page will grow - check them ALL out now.....and further down you will find some reading which will either make you laugh or sober you up drastically or heal you gently.


Essante products and powerpop weight loss - JOIN ME !!!!
My movie hostory on INTERNET MOVIE DATA BASE
d MY SPACE. Well, everyone seems to have one........ so why not?
Lightwarrior videos on YOUTUBE

ENERGY -SCULPTOR my healing site


no foto available Full power actress rebirther - SHANTI DEVI
CYRON MELVILLE - my darling son the Danish film and music star on MYSPACE

SHANTI DEVI Amazing power woman rebirther actress inspirer actress writer

Her new breathing site and her new family tribe site !!!

PATI DUBOIS - sexy singer-painter based in Barcelona
Maike Moeller -the Ingrid Bergman-Greta Garbo of tomorrow
DAVID BERGA MANAGEMENT - Barcelona selling theatre
JOSEPH HUNWICK - scots photographer based in Glastonbury & Barcelona
DANY PRIMUS - the camping stove which has turned into a Mexican furnace
CORINNNNNE LAENG -absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world and my miquelangela picassito matisse crazine but trustworthy ? Ha !!! (never trust the Swiss however.....)
AMORAH QUAN YIN - healer and sacred site activator, Mount Shasta
BRIAN BUTTERWORTH , Professor of Psychology, London University
BARTUSCHKA - woman clown power from Berlin
DREAMON : madness/explosion-theatre from Roger and aerials from Claire in London with added confusion from Roberta
NO MAN'S LAND Nina Rosenmeier's film, , Copenhagen, where I play the lead, Harley shown at Brooklyn Film Festival 2001
DANA GILLESPIE Blues-diva of London, Third Man and solo work
LUTTERBEKER dreambuilding in process at this special theatre-venue near Kiel, Germany run by Strop amd Wolfgang Marx
ANDREAS SORENSEN - high techgraphics & post-production specialist for movies, Aarhus, DK
RAFFAELLA - animal rights warrior busy with helping animas in Bucharest (seen here in protest against vivisection in Rotterdam)
SURF REALITY Rob Prichard's showcase theatre in New York City
JOHNNY GOMER great guitar player from Freiburg and a great guy too
DIEGO GENE - Leader of clown school for Nicaragua street kids (on site press "clowns")
JOHNATHON ACORN - a clown right over the top from down under
ALEX NAVARRO/CAROLINE DREAM Catalanglish clowns near Barcelona
BRAENDENDEKAERLIGHED - street theatre Copenhagen style
CLOWN PABLO - groovy clowning across the planet in Germany
CRYSTALLE - beautiful and magical dance on a rope with Wolfgang in assistance, Berlin
KAREN SAILLANT BYGOTT Opera singer, voice expert and healthy breathing

KEN WOLVERTON- A zen cowboy mixture of classical baroque naive: painter, raga-banjoist, poet, novelist - even a former back-end of a pantomime stilt- giraffe - Tuscon Arizona

TADBROTHERS - comedy from Berlin in the real style of what is funny


NOLA RAE - Ossie mime expert/comic queen lives London
Jango Edwards - Nola's old partner who still trying to make a buck, even at his age
JENS FALCK - the guitar and violin expert of Jutland who put my son Cyron on the right track.......
JIM SWEENEY - the immaculate improviser and, now writer, from London
My old school club: The Royal High School (London Branch)
ALISON HARTWELL - singer songwriter/ equestrian photgrapher and wierdo clown....
LAURA HERTS - travelling laughter association's own woman clown
PETER SHUB - clown of silent speed and joy
ERIC DE BONT'S - THE clown school in Ibiza
MISSFITS - girl comedy aus Oberhausen
ELLEN TEN DAMME - gutsy rock from Amsterdam
j E CAPCLOWNS - Rod and Vincent making Holland a better place
TED TRIMBLE - wizard bassist from NYC returns the viking invasion
ANJA - Beautiful Billedkustener of Denmark
BANDA OSIRIS - magical comedy minstrels from Italia
The WRIGHT SCHOOL - John Wright's workshop/performance page
s GUNGOR art site - the Kurdish Danish painter's special works
DAVY NORKET - North Carolina's answer to Brian Wilson
RODRIGO MORGANTIN-Milan based clown with heart of gold and helping people




Ixtapa Zihuatanejo hotels, travel deals, hotel reviews, maps and a comprehensive Ixtapa Zihuatanejo guide.


Arizona comedy fun site from Dr Dave

MAIA CLINIC -Danish midwives take control
SUPERNATURAL MINDS - Stephen ' site of great thinkers
JELEILA STARR - channel for the Galactic Federation . Important site for information about DNA re-coding and what everything(!) is all about
JAMES TWYMAN - activist in peace and light
NANNE & ANTOINTTE BOUWMAN - great healers specialising in alternative therapies which work
TODA FOUNDATION - Dialogue for civilisations towards global peace
NEXUS MAGAZINE - very interesting material from the website of the 'alternative' magazine
DAVID ICKE : the daring writer's home page where you can discover some pretty interesting ideas/truths about our world and how history was formed and manipulated . Take it or leave it..........
JEFF RENSE - Extraordinary detailed and important information about Montauk etc

TRANSNATIONAL - foundation for peace and future resaearch
SHERMAN SKOLNICK'S REPORT - US journalist fighting for truth
FORBIDDEN SOURCES - stories on scams/frauds/military corruption
GEORGE HOPKINS - alternative energy and environmental issues
GRANDER WATER - revitalised water phenomenon from Austria
RAFFAELLA RAVASSO Italian animal rights centred on Rumania - this is her naked in a protest in Rotterdam
CORN DETECTORS: The wondrous and very real phenomenon of corn circles
AMOROLOGY - divinity in action
CARNICOM - a site full of mysteries and solutions
PROPAGANDA MATRIX - more stories ofthe police state and the New World Order
FREE PRESS SITE - specialising in those suspicious secret societies
DISINFORMATION - excellent informative site
COMMON DREAMS - news service for the progressive community
MASARU EMOTO - beautiful discoveries about water and the concept of HADO, the life energy of the universe
Producers of high Bovis-reading products

How to start an Internet Business from Home
Proven ideas, strategies, tools, resources and inspiration - to enable any motivated person to start an internet business from home.

An Offshore Account - The Ideal Tool for International Living, Business & Investing
Information, education, tools and strategies for the international freedom seeker. 


Gallery World Wide - artwork in different styles and media
Scriptwriting experts
ENGLISH CASTING - two brave actors Chip and Frank and their new film casting agency in Amsterdam
ABS-Gallery Elite Top Art sites

SCENEFORUM- workshops in theatre, dance etc
AZA BOOKING Christine Gravesen's value creating booking agency in Copenhagen
PERFORMING ARTS ONLINE: US directory of theatre,/music with very suspicious voting and slow to the bargain
BABELARTE - Italian artists register

US directory of stars, hopefuls

ARTS MEDIA Alan Clay'stheatre newsletter from Sydney
INNEKE VOS'S agency in Amsterdam
Clown directory in Catalunya organised by ALEX NAVARRO
ARKADIA International real estate classified ads from homeowners or brokers to buy, sell or rent your property, house, apartment, business, land. Worldwide directory of vacation rentals by owner!.

Save The World - Onek At A Time!

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