IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD at Oerol Festival, Holland 2004

Click for extract from Street Show video (12MB Quicktime file)

Aart Kramer


Buster the driver


Me in Stanislavski preparation


Igor Kramer


The JAB project at Oerol 2004 was by far the most ambitious to execute and the most complicated to organze I have ever done. A group of very good workshop performers and a film crew headed by the indomitable Kramer brothers came together to film a story written by Jochem Bosselaar and myself called IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD. The film is now in the process of being edited and will be premiered at the Oerol February party at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam 2005. Below are some of the images and a short video of some of the street actions will be up soon. More fotos are on the way - for now here are fotos by Rudy van der Berg, video shots by the inimitable Aart Kramer


Bid Pratt,(Chip Bray) the Hollywood favourite posing with Zdenka(Heleen de Groot) and the Terschellywood bell-boy(Jochem Bosselaar)


Benedictine Babble (Aike Knapp) finds a convert


Els (Ulrike Peukert) wires up the power to smoke out writer-Bo C. Laar's (Jochem Bosselaar) inner workings


Chip Bray on location pretending to be set builder with Jochem in the back ground who was


The funeral of Bid Pratt after his tragic disappearance in quicksand . Present are film director Jeffrey Flence (me), producer Peter Pump (Vincent Albers) and Zdenka the diva


Diva Zdenka rejects the advances of the actor Chuck Doubt (Berry Knapen)


Me s etting up the last shot of Bid Pratt's disappearance, Aart on camera and Kika Booy on sound


Mrs Bla (Renee van Oosterom) cleans the terrace table of the hotel as director Flence winces at the loss of Bid Pratt


Stunt man Jochem doing reshoots for the Bid Pratt death scene


Aart in expressive close up on Bo C. Laar's final burn up


The quicksand location - various stages of preparation with (left) Jochem, me, Ulrike and Chip- (rifght) Aart, me and Jochem


The film crew celebrate: Zdenka, Preferry Harley (Mireille Toebes), Rubee Fischal (Anne van Bergerijk), the clapperboard girl, and the back of Mrs Bla.


Director Flence's arrival with producer Pump resting; this shot and location unfortunately was out of focus and not used.


Aart moves into a cloe up of Penelope Bizzie (Annelies vd Bosch) as Valerie Matrash (Mieke van Dongen), Zdenka, Chuck Doubt look on


Producer Pump appeals for more money as Bendectine Babble, Mrs Bla and Valerie await firther shots


Mrs Bla polishes glass as director Flence (or is it Johnny?) prepares the next shot


Jochem and Aart enact the scene from 2001 Space Odyssey as Ulrike looks on as Hal


Ruthless Rudy, the production organizer finds more extras


at Oerol Festival, Holland 2003

A special workshop was set up for the Oerol festival and I had a great time with Johnathon Acorn (in the foto above with his fingers locked into my nostrils), he performed as my assistant to around 22 performer-students who came and went as their various committments would allow them...... Great work by all involved......those who performed were Aino (Finland) Nicola (Italy), Thomas(Denmark), Ulrike (Germany), Manuel, Vincent, Annalies, Sandra, Wietike, Mireille, Corrina, Renee, Ganna, Wilhemine, Heleen, Joeron, Mieke, Onno, Anamiek, Roderik, Paul (from the Netherlands) and Ben who fathered us at the Festival Office. Below are some of the images we came up with......Thanks to everyone and of course to Joop, Fatima and Maaike too. These pics are from videos shot apart from 3 - the best and most clear photos by Rubeh Shipper on http://www.rubenschipper.com . Also pics from Mireille and WIlhemine.