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The 'com' of johnny-melville.com stands for :

  • comedy
  • composure
  • communion
  • composition
  • compassion
  • commentary
  • commitment
  • competence
  • comradeship
  • companionship
  • comprehension
  • communication

"Before you try to be an artist, try to be a human being"....

This famous quote from French sculptor Rodin seems to be fully applicable to actor Johnny Melville. The effortless way in which he integrates his wide-ranging and multi-coloured aspects of his personality into his performance, the fast and furious comedy he executes, the high energy content of his performances, create the kind of easy mood that enables an audience to become physically and emotionally a part of it - to discover the deeper layers underneath the storyline or enjoy the subtlety of his  techniques.  

Actor, storyteller, singer or comedian he seems to live them all, but they are intertwined and harmonize together in Melville's vision of human greatness and tragedy:  a world where we are constantly threatened by self-created systems and SYSTEMS over which we have lost control. So the individual stands up to rebel again and again to protect against the chimeras of money, ideologies, mass-media and politics.

Johnny Melville may not overly optimistic about human progress but the playful and unconventional ways he presents his ideas to us make us ready for that ultimate form of surrender - a big irresistible smile on one's face."

by JAN PIET den TEX, singer, composer, free-thinker, Amsterdam