Born in Leith, Scotland


Attended Royal High School, Edinburgh, Scotland


Attained degree in B.Sc. (Social science) Edinburgh University

100m track-champion of Edinburgh University

1971 - 2

Gained Teaching Certificate from Moray House College Edinburgh


Company-/stage-manager/actor of FREEHOLD THEATRE,  London:  the 'Beowulf' tour and 'Koolyghin' in 'The Three Sisters' (Checkov), directed by Nancy Meckler. 

Performed 'RIFFRAFF' with John Bolton -a late night show at the EDINBURGH Festival 

Performer with 'RITUAL THEATRE', (UK) on European tour. 

Project leader/tutor of the Summer School for Radical Theatre, Oval House London (including events at Serpentine Gallery, London). 


Director/ actor of 'SALAKTA BALLOON BAND', London.


Founder/director/writer/actor of 'KABOODLE Theatre Co',  London - toured UK, Italy, Germany,  Holland, Greece


Premiered first solo show < COME AGAIN > at Festival of Fools, Amsterdam, Holland


Premiered solo show  TROUBLESHOOTER at  the Festival of Theatre of Nations, Amsterdam.

Played JOHNNY AGAIN in feature film WHAT'S THE BEEF RODO?  directed by Hans Joachim Berndt (Filmhaus, Munchen)


Released the record < THE WEE ALBUM > Nurnburg, Germany.


Premiered solo show  MEMBERS ONLY  at Vienna Festival.

Co-wrote music for/ acted in  BLOOD AND  CHAMPAGNE directed by Marika Lagercrantz, (Stockholm)


Premiered solo show  MEMBERS ONLY at Vienna Festival.

Co-wrote music for/ acted in  BLOOD AND  CHAMPAGNE directed by Marika Lagercrantz, (Stockholm) 

Performed at the Nancy Festival of World Theatre, France.

Workshop leader at the first 3rd World Dance intensive in  Vienna.


Studied and performed drumming/dance with Mustapha Tetty Addy in Togo 

Performed at the official Adelaide International Festival, Australia 

Starred as THEO, in TV film  GAME OVER (Austria's entry for the International T.V. Festival  of Montreux directed by Peter Saman (ORF TV) 

Founder/director/writer/actor of the INTERNATIONALISTS',  formulated, wrote, directed  and starred in the project < IT DON'T MEAN A THING > for the Theater, am Turm, Frankfurt.


Devised/directed < MUSICAL MONKS > for the International Festival of Cabaret  (Homo Ridens) di Bologna, Italy.


Premiered solo show < DIRTY MONEY > as a special project for the 'Off-T.A.T'., Frankfurt, directed by Matt Mitler.


Produced the record < DIRTY MONEY - the ALBUM >, and toured DIRTY MONEY- the show, in Europe.

Performed at the International Festival of Clowns, Tokyo.

Performed at "The JOHNNY MELVILLE FESTIVAL" a ten day  retrospective, Aarhus, Denmark, featuring all 5 solo performances.


Appeared in rock video < TIED UP > music single by YELLO.

Directed cabaret performance for Boulevard Theatre, Stockholm.

Master of Ceremonies at Aarhus Rock Festival Orange Stage (Denmark)

Appeared in Commercial for RALLY TV, Stockholm


Played leading role, BERTO, in Italian feature film, "LUNGO IL FIUME", directed by Vanna Paoli. (Corvo Productions, Cine Citta, Rome.)

Premiered THE BEST OF JOHNNY, solo show of Johnny's best acts.

Master of Ceremonies on the ‘Orange Stage’ at Roskilde Rock Festival (Denmark).


Played leading role, BERTO, in Italian feature film, "LUNGO IL FIUME", directed by Vana Paoli. (Corvo Productions, Cine Citta, Rome.)

Premiered THE BEST OF JOHNNY, solo show of Johnny's best acts. 

Master of Ceremonies on the ‘Orange Stage’ at Roskilde Rock Festival Denmark

Starred as  BASTA in feature film "ONCE UPON A DREAM", directed by Dieter Meier (Potocka Prods, Warsaw, Poland/Yello Music, Zurich, Switzerland 

Appeared in Commercial for RALLY TV, Stockholm  

Performed at JUSTE POUR RIRE ( Just for Laughs) Festival, Montreal, Canada 

Featured as THE MISSIONARY in feature film "THE RETURN", directed by Jens Joren Thorsen (Superfilm Prods, Copenhagen) 

Played PATTERSON in feature film, "ESCRITO EN LAS ESTRELLAS" directed by Ricard Reguant (Fair Play Prods, Barcelona)  

Invited artist as JERRY in episode 2 of "DARK JUSTICE" directed by David Calloway (Lorimar Prods, Los Angeles and TV3, Barcelona Spain.)


Played BASTA in feature film "ONCE UPON A DREAM", directed by Dieter Meier (Potocka Prods, Warsaw, Poland/Yello Music, Zurich, Switzerland)

Starred in and co-wrote BLUEVILLE SERENADE, a rock musical in Amsterdam, Holland.

Directed animation group/performed solo in the Olympic Village for the Olympic Games and the Special Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain

Appeared in Commercial for RALLY TV, Stockholm


Dr. BUTTER(lead) in 16mm 30 minute movie, "KILLER BERBERECHOS", (BAUSAN FILM Prods., Barcelona) directed by Andres Cruz 

Wrote/ acted in short comedy sketches for PINNIC, children's programme, TVE 1, Spain

Performed in Cabaret tent, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Performed at Just for Laughs' Festival, Montreal, Canada

Master of Ceremonies at Aarhus Festival Spiegel tent, Denmark.

First shoots of feature film SCAPEGOAT,(Dir. Michael Summers)

Performed for the Queen of Denmark at Aarhus Festival


Spent most of the year recovering from a serious accident

Master of Ceremonies at Cabaret Tent, Roskilde Festival.

Writing the project BORIS the DRAGON, a multi-media fantasy.

Directed MEMBERS ONLY  for Inter-Kulturel Centre, Aarhus, Denmark.

Appeared in Commercial for RALLY TV, Stockholm


Post-production for "ONCE UPON A DREAM" in Los Angeles.

TV commercial for Sun Alliance Insurance, (London)

Cinema commercial for Teleclub TV Channel, Zurich 

Tours of Spai


Played HARLEY(lead) in feature film, "NO MAN'S LAND", directedby Nina Rosenmeier (Flora Danica Film, Copenhagen)

Worked on ‘station-identity' shorts for Teleclub, Zurich

Directed Aarhus Artiste-School final production (Denmark)


Director of  new show for the group, PORPOL, Vitoria (Spain)

Directed workshop project for Festival of Araia, Spain

Director of the Aarhus Artist School final production (Denmark)

Extra shoots for "NO MAN"S LAND" directed by Nina Rosenmaier (Flora Danica Film, Copenhagen)


Celebrated 50 years on the planet; Celebrated 25 years in show business

Performed for displaced Indians in Chapas, Mexico for ‘Clowns without Frontiers

Performed as guest in Mexico City's largest circus at their 100 year anniversary. 

Toured Holland, Austria, Switzerland

Premiered MEMBERS ONLY in Spanish at Taraga Festival


Toured EUROPEAN BLUES in Austria, Holland, Spain

TV project in process in connection with Bellissima Channel, Amsterdam

Preliminary stages of planning directing for multi-media project with Sound Venture, Aarhus, DK

Shot commercial for BECEL margerine, Holland

Invited artist at the festival of Mime, Troyes, France.

Studied F.S.P. course 2 and 3 of Pleiadian Lightwork.  Gained certificate to teach F.S.P.


Starred as Richard in FAR FROM CHINA a, feature film by director Christian Leigh, Films Copenhagen

Appeared at Festival of Mime. London

Co-lead  in a 20-minute 35 mm  movie by Geppe Monros, Barcelona

Presenter of the Congress of World Veterinarians before Princess Margriet of Holland.

Guest performance/teacher at the 3rd Congress of Nordic drama.

Finishing shooting/post production for LIGHT-MAKER (director Dieter Meier) in Los Angeles for Yello Productions..


Performance for Danish County Councils Conference

Premiere of LIGHTMAKER at Berlin Film Festival Panorama Special

Presenter for Toshiba Medical Systems at the Vienna Medical Congress

Performance at the Freiburger Kultur MesseVoted BEST ACTOR at Williamsburg Film Festival of Brooklyn, New York City, for the role of Harley in NO MAN'S LAND.


Directing Missing Link Project, premiered november 2002 - production - LOOPS

Main roles in short film by Emil van Zuijlen - GEBROEDERS MOLL (Holland), and the film by Simon Falkentorp The QUARRY (Denmark)

MAYDAY in Jango Edwards pilot 'Thomas Clown Affair'


Performed in Palazzo im Park, Bremen

Acting Charly in PUMP Netherlands film directed by Ad Boll

Appearance TV show on Swiss TV :live from Winthertur Casino

Directing the women's theatre company Mevrouw Bakker

Directed succesful workshop performance project at Oerol festival, Holland

Writing and directing Backtracker - a short movie in western genre.

Released The Warriors of Light New Album - The Rogue Planet

Performed in LA MAMA THEATRE, New York City, with theatre group DZIECI playing the role of TIRESIAS in ' FOOLS MASS' and the DEVIL /CARDINAL RICHELIEU in the production of DEVILS OF LOUDON

see critique


Directing the musical comedy group THE PHEASANT PLUCKERS

Acting COOK in the short film LITTLE BROTHER, LITTLE SISTER directed by Greg McQueen, Aarhus Denmark

Directing and acting in ITS A WOMAN'S WORLD,at the Oerol festival Terschelling Holland.


Appeared at the Comedy Monster festival. Rome

Tours of EUROPEAN BLUES of Spain, Italy.

Acting DAWSON in the movie WICKED directed by Michael Knighton

Editing the movie ITS A WOMANS WORLD


Script editing for ZERO ONE, new screenplay for Ad Bol

Tours of EUROPEAN BLUES in Spain

Shooting short film clips for mobile fone movies

Directing TAD Brothers comedy performance, Berlin

Performances at the Torino Street festival JUST FOR JOY

Italian tour of European Blues


Appered in short film HEARTCORE as the Artist at the Rutger Hauer Film Factory, Rotterdam Film Festival

Workshops in Luxembourg /Grenada/ Galicia /Dimitri school in Verscio (CH)

Test shoots in UK for International Brigade movie

Directing Tad Brothers at Edinburgh festival

Producing/shooting/acting in mobile movies for net

Made short film - Paradise Tours


Starred in and co-wrote BLINDSPOT for Adventure Films in Holland - ( the movie won 5 prizes ( Best director at Estepona festival, best film at Waterford festival, best film noir & Best actress at New York Indie festival, Best director at LA festival )

PLayed Peter Gould in LOVE & RAGE danisg fim by Morte Giese(Zentrope Productions)

Workshop projects and performances in Barcelona, Madrid, Logrono, Pamplona

Performed at Palais am Park cabaret in Bremen Park Hotel


Performed at Palais am Park cabaret in Bremen Park Hotel

Workshop projects in Vienna, Muncih, Gran Canaria and Barcelona

Booked for galas at the 2nd World Fools Congress in Moscow

Final cut of PARADISE TOURS (short directed and written by me)

Tour (workshops and BEST OF JOHNNY) in Colombia


Performed special project with Brandede Kaerlighed theatre, Copenhagen

Tours of Italy and Spain

Teaching workshops in NCI's school in Granollers Spain

Teaching project in Atelier Teatro Fisico, Torino, Italy

Continuing rewrites of the movie script PARADE OF FOOLS with Ad Bol

Performed at the Anjos de Picadeiro festival in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Performed at the Festival Callejeros, Valparaiso Chile

Johnny has appeared at theatre festivals in Adelaide, Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, Montreal, Nancy, Oslo, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Vienna, Zurich and many others......and at film festivals in Cannes, Prague, Cairo, Locarno and Bellinzona. Has been featured in numerous television programs in the USA, Japan, and all over Europe.

He has led workshops and mounted projects in all the above places (and more!) with professional actors, with various amateur groups, with youth groups, with prisoners and probation officers,, with pensioners, with kids, with hospital patients and hospital staff

SPECIALS :  Director, character actor, clown, mime, singer, chimpanze expert; alto sax/trumpet...... horse riding, driving, acrobatics, falls, fights (aikido trained) various circus skills.     

LANGUAGES : English (all dialects), French, Italian, German, Spanish can communicate in Danish and Swedish, learning Dutch.