Calendar 2011

January Workshop in Santiago, Chile

March 23-28

Performance/workshop for Manicomicos, a Coruna Spain

March pril 1/2 Workshop in Rome
April 4-8 Directing one nan show of Andrea de Cosmio in Rome Italy
April 7  

April 29/30 May 1

May 8

workshop in festival Arriogorra Spain

Performance Best of Johnny, Spain

May 25-26-27 Performances in Salzburg and Wien, Austria
July 3-6 Workshop leader at Trento clandestine clown festival
July 7-9

Shooting scenes for the documentary - Consciousness (dir- Ben Cole)

July 25-29 Workshop in Barcelona
July- August Shooting scenes for Danish film - The BOXER

Sept 17-20

sept 25-30

Taragoinna festival

workshop/show in italy festival near Ancona

november 23

Performance in Vitoria Spain
November Tours of Chile, Brazil, Argentina


Tours of Chile,, Brazil, Argentina