The Best of Johnny


Since 1974 Johnny Melville has entertained audiences in over 30 countries: he has played for the Queen of Denmark, a Dutch Princess, Olympic athletes, Russian spies, German riot police, African bushmen, American soldiers, Paris debutantes, surgeons, film stars, politicians, rock festival crowds, peace activists, prisoners, pensioners, hospital patients and kids; he has directed special theatre projects with groups - professional and amateur, appeared in TV programs across the globe, and starred in various international feature film and in January 2003 played Satan off-Broadway in New York City... .


A show of Johnny Melville is explosive, fast, funny and crazy, inventive and original. European Blues pokes fun at the pros and cons of the European Market Community with jokes and sketches angled at the problems of European integration.



Threats of a take-over by a nuclear duck, a member of the anti-EEC league, together with his trusty and dangerous servant Igor, plot to assassinate important international politicians. Only one man is there to stop them : Sylvester Ordnance Salmon (S.O.S.), the European troubleshooter, a kind of James Euro-Bond, assigned to help the future of European harmony.

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Melville’s strength lies in his ability to communicate with his audiences. With his skills in mime and mimicry, satire and social comment, his natural bias to comedy, his quick-fire improvisation and his grasp of languages, he is the complete international performer.

Sylvestor manages to thwart them and saves the EEC but on the way we see Euro-politicians in hilarious disputes, medieval heroes wrestling with chastity belts, macho bikers roaming the audience for girls, strange Euro- rituals and much more...

Finally see one of Europe's  loudest and heaviest rock bands: Johnny in a devastating mime which presents 5 musicians at the same time. Spectators say they can even hear the music...

Performance can last between 1hour 20 minutes - 2 hours depending on improvisation etc. It can be adapted to other situations too. With Luigi Ranghino(in picture below) on pianoforte and occasional mime.



“He puts a spell on his audience with a fine mixture of irony and aggression, and his absolute physical control.”

(Die Frankfurter Rundschau)

“.....the final sketch is absolute brilliance : Melville interprets all the musicians of a rock band - this is a maestro’s lesson of modern theatre.”

(El Periodicoo Barcelona)

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